Coaches Corner

Goal Safety!

Goal safety can be a serious issue. Coaches, parents and parents please keep your children off of all goals!

Soccer for the Fun of it

Each year we average between 1200 to 1300 boys and girls between the ages of 4 years old and 17 years old playing soccer in AYSL. To keep kids coming back it is the responsibility of everyone involved to give the kids a chance to learn the game, share the experience with other kids and adults, and to have some fun and to develop some skills. The joy of playing must be the focus for all the kids. AYSL is not a competitive or travel league… is an instructional intramural recreational league aimed at providing as many kids as possible a chance to play.

We don’t keep score or standings and all kids are guaranteed to play at least one quarter per half. Ask not, “Did you win today?” ask, “How did you play?” So let’s be sports and cheer for both teams and enjoy the action………’ll be glad you did and so will your kids.


Every player must wear shin guards to all practices and games. Socks or pants MUST cover them. They may wear sneakers or approved soccer shoes. Baseball and football cleats are not permitted. Be sure you buy soccer footwear by a well-known manufacturer so it is FIFA approved. Please be sure your child does not wear jewelry, watches or earrings. NO cast may be worn.

Equipment will be sold on Friday nights in August (8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23 all 6-7 PM) and 8/24 8:30 – 10AM) at the shed at Stroney Field (Hillside Park) from 6-7 PM .. All registered AYSL players will be notified via mass email – at the end of July as a reminder

Practice Day

All teams have a scheduled field, day of the week and time to practice with all teams practicing one day a week…..this is for all ages. Please have your child at practice on time and be there before the end of practice to pick up your child. Coaches spend a lot of time preparing for practices and games…… please let them get home after practice. Also please be aware that most fields have no cover for poor weather. If you see the weather is threatening please stay at or close to the field in case an unexpected storm passes through.

U5 and U6 divisions do not have practice days during the week – only Saturday sessions

Young children should never be dropped off at the field until you are sure that the responsible supervising adult is there and aware of their presence. If you have not been involved before, and you are staying to watch, please volunteer to help the coach. You don’t need to be an expert, helping to organize the kids makes a big difference, and your child will be proud you did.

Game Day

Please have your child at the field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. They must wear their shingurads, which must be covered, and their AYSL jersey with the appropriate color for that day. They may wear warm clothing underneath their jerseys to keep warm, but hoods must be tucked under their shirts. If your child won’t make it to the game, please be sure the coach knows in enough time to plan for his or her absence.

The game should be fun for players and fans. Be sure to keep your sideline comments positive and cheer the play for both teams… can set an example that playing your best and enjoying the experience should be the focus of the game. Please let the coach do the coaching!

Our refs are trained, so please let them do their job. Please remember they are mostly high school or travel players who know the game and are helping us out. If you tried it yourself, you know that you can’t see and call everything out there…..only people on the sidelines can do that! Abusive sideline behavior only creates a negative atmosphere and is far from the example we expect to be setting for the players. Coaches, parents, players, and fans that berate officials will be warned and then asked to leave.


To make our league run smoothly we are always in need of volunteers. Whether it is to be a head coach, assistant coach, or parent volunteering to help the coach with phone calls or organizing practices please get involved and help out. The bottom line is we are all working to make the league a fun place where our children can play and learn the game of soccer.

Also remember that as the graying of our members of the AYSL Board of Directors continues, we are always in need of new people with energy and ideas to take over where the old timers leave off. Please contact any current Board member if you are interested in being part of the work force behind AYSL.

Please remember it is only a game where the kids are to have fun playing!!!!